Welcome to the Center For Advanced Fetal Care! Ever since our doors first opened on 24 February 2010, we at the CFAFC have been dedicated to providing you with the latest that medicine has to offer, using 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound, including the newly introduced HDlive, as well as specialized non-invasive testing (the new NIPT), in order to be able to reassure you as to the health and well being of your fetus…

Our approach is a holistic one starting from the very beginning with the viability scan at 6-11 weeks to make sure that the baby has a heart beat and measures appropriately. This can be followed by the first trimester scan, a time during which we can carry out early screening for congenital abnormalities and assess the fetus for chromosomal abnormalities.

Using specialized ultrasound techniques, as well as measuring specific hormones in the mother's blood, enable us to determine the risk for having a baby with Down's syndrome (trisomy 21).

All of the services at CFAFC are carried out according to the guidelines of the 'Fetal Medicine Foundation’, a world authority on first trimester screening, using their sonographic techniques and running the blood test on a machine which has been certified by them. Subsequently, a genetic scan can be carried out in the second trimester to evaluate fetal well being and look for certain sonographic markers that may alert us to a developmental abnormality.

Our goal is to help you assess the health and well being of your fetus throughout your pregnancy in a professional and serene set up.

​Beautifully Unfinished...

...Some of us are blessed with the ability to write about our own endings. ​ ​Others are not. Some of us are blessed with the ability to come full circle. Others are not. Some of us are blessed with the ability to recognize the last phase of our journey through life. Others are not. So much is left beautifully unfinished,​ unfulfilled and unvarnished.​

CFAFC Newsletter​ ​Volume ​9 Issue 2