Center Services

Below is a listing of CFAFC's services. Please select the service of interest for more detailed information.
  • 1- Viability Scan
    To ascertain that the fetus is viable with an active heart beat. This is done at 6-11 weeks.
  • 2- FTS
    First trimester scan for chromosomal and structural abnormalities. This is done at 11w6d to 13w6d.
  • 3- STS
    Second trimester scan, also called a genetic scan, checks for chromosomal markers, structural abnormalities of the baby including a detailed evaluation of the fetal heart. This is done at 20-23 weeks.
  • 4- TTS
    Third trimester scan done at 32-35 weeks to follow up on fetal growth and reassess the anatomy.
  • 5- Well-Being Scan
    To follow up on fetal growth for a variety of reasons, such as twins, growth problems, maternal disease, to name a few.
  • 6- Serum Biochemistry
    Specialized blood testing that checks for fetal hormones in the maternal blood that alert us to abnormalities.
  • 7- NIPT
    This is non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), the newest non-invasive test that allows us to obtain genetic fetal material from the mother's blood by a simple blood draw, when she is in a high risk group, in order to analyze and determine the risk for specific genetic disorders, namely trisomy 21 (Down's syndrome), trisomy 18 and and trisomy 13, that may affect her baby. This can be done in the third month of pregnancy, starting at 10 weeks.
  • 8- Cervical Length
    Measuring the cervical length for prediction of preterm labor risk.